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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 12:52 am
I'm planning to run a meet-up for the LJ community [livejournal.com profile] northwest_fen in December, and am trying to work out a date for that. People think it's a good idea for me to amalgamate the meet with DW fans from the area, so this is what this post is about.

Can anyone here make a fannish meet in central Manchester? I can provide crash space for a few people if needed. The date isn't finalised yet, so you're welcome to have input! If you have an LJ account, the poll is in the latest post at the aforementioned community, but you'll need to join (and wait for our mod to approve your membership, she's careful about spam). If you'd rather answer this one, please do, but don't respond to both, thanks. :)

Poll #8607 What dates are best for you?
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What dates are best for you?

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Friday 9th December
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Saturday 10th December
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Sunday 11th December
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Friday 16th December
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Saturday 17th December
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Sunday 18th December
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Wednesday 21st December
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Thursday 22nd December
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Friday 23rd December
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Saturday 24th December
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Once we've settled on a date (that is, if anyone responds, as nobody did to the feeler post in [community profile] manchester!), I'll make a members-only post with that and providing my address and contact details.

Hope to see some of you - thanks!